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Corali di San Domenico di Perugia

The Augusta Library conserves twenty-one choral manuscripts of the covenant of San Domenico of Perugia, organized in two liturgical series, the first group at the end of the 13th century and the second at the beginning of the 14th century.

The choral books are parchment manuscripts containing the musical liturgy (Gregorian Chants), and rich decorations. They were used to celebrate mass in the church of San Domenico of Perugia, and are valuable examples of historical, musical, liturgical, and artistic works.

The chorals construct two distinct liturgical set. The first was prepared in the first seventy years of the two hundred for the framing of the choir of the old church of the Dominicans of Perugia. In her it is possible to recognize the painter of the frescos of the old abbey of Montelabate near Perugia.

Following the unification of the Kingdom of Italy, as a result of the liquidation of libraries of religious associations, the choral manuscripts were passed from the church of San. Domenico to the Pinacoteca civica, and over many years to the National Gallery of Umbria and finally to the Augusta Library. In 1982 a part of the choral manuscripts were opened to the public in the miniature section of the beautiful exhibition of Foligno Francesco d'Assisi.