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The Augusta Library conserves manuscripts that are a sequence of catalogs of the books of the library, in both printed and manuscript format, probably pertaining to the period the library was opened to the public, succeeding until the end of the of the 19th century. They also contain the mark of the printer, found on the back or the first page of the argument, in the model of establishing identification without ambiguity. These catalogs indicate the antique collection of books.

They conserve, moreover, the list of books compiled from Prospero Podiani, for defining the appropriate donation of columns that constructed the first collection of the birth of the Perugia public library, and a more complete edited inventory by Fulvio Mariottelli from 1617, commissioner following the fase of birth of the library.

In one part of the conserved sequence in lieu of the catalogs of the library are religious associations of Perugia suppressed in the 18th and 19th centuries, whose libraries were acquired by the Augusta Library.