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Manoscritti musicali

The Augusta Library of Perugia possesses a collection of musical manuscripts that do not correspond to the homogeneous collection, conserved in pieces that are not only musical but also historical.

As well as the collection of the Choral Manuscripts of San Domenico, there is also a selection autographed by Francesco Morlacchi and a collection of fragments of the liturgical manuscripts.

Francesco Morlacchi, to whom the city theatre is dedicated to, was both a composer and a director of the Perugian Orchestra. While living in Dresden, he was the director of the Italian Opera and the first maestro of the royal chapel. In his will, he left autographed manuscripts to his friend, Antonio Mezzanotte, an intellectual of Umbria.

Fragments of the liturgical codes were recovered by the Augustan Librarians pulling from other manuscripts and printed volumes datable to the 13 and 14 centuries and are representative of the unique testimony of full bodied collection of the lost codex belonging to the churches and convents.

One such example is ms. 3065, famous fragments of the six sheets songs of the Ars nova, part of a manuscript conserved in the Lucca codex (Lucca codex and Mancini Codex).

Prospero Podiani's donation probably included important musical finds, for example the manuscripts G 20 and H 72 were already present in the library in the first half of the 17th century.